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29 JULY 2021

Unclack Mac App - Automatically disable microphone when typing

During a video conference, during FaceTime with the family or in voice chat on Discord - it is always annoying to hear someone type. If you don't want to be that person, the [...]
26. May 2021

Mac Apps Report 2021: Software and what users want from it

The developer company MacPaw, from which among other things the software subscription offer SetApp originates, carried out a survey to find out what Mac users think about apps in general. How many do you have installed and how many do you use them every day? [...]
25. March 2021
Create QR codes with URL for website

Create QR codes with website URLs for free - online or with the app

Today - after a long time - I once again needed to create a QR code that contains a website address and should be printed on a flyer. My first port of call was Google search because I thought [...]
10. September 2020
Mac app monolingual put to the test

Mac app Monolingual removes unused language packs

Through a post about the removal of non-Latin fonts - directed by a comment from a reader - I became aware of the "Monolingual" app. He said you could use it to remove those fonts too. Out […]
1. September 2020
Scan the QR code on the Mac

QR code scanner for the Mac - free of charge as software or as a handheld scanner

Today my reader Roland from Switzerland wrote me the following lines and asked for help with the selection of a QR code scanner for the Mac: Good evening Jens, In Switzerland, the e-banking business [...]
17th of June 2020
The CheatSheet app shows keyboard shortcuts for every Mac app.

Mac app CheatSheet: Display keyboard shortcuts from any app

I had read about Stefan Fürst's free CheatSheet app a while ago, but then kept forgetting to try it out. Yesterday I happened to be on the app's website again [...]
6th of June 2020
PopClip Mac Extension

Mac tool: PopClip - extremely versatile add-on for highlighted text

I installed the PopClip tool on my Mac years ago - and loved it. After some major macOS update and a related cleaning action, it somehow seems to have disappeared. In any case […]
April 21, 2020
Simply write letters with EasyLetter

EasyLetter - write letters with a clean layout in seconds

I actually don't need Felix Brix's EasyLetter Mac app because I've been writing my correspondence with Adobe InDesign for a good 10 years. I know that kind of shot at sparrows with cannons, but I have [...]
22. October 2019
Shrink PDF with Lightweight PDF

Lightweight PDF: Reduce the file size of PDFs

Today there is another tip like "tested for years and found to be good!". The Mac app that I would like to recommend to you is called Lightweight PDF and is free in the Mac app [...]
13. September 2018

Now: Pre-order Aurora HDR 2019 for Mac and Windows

At Skylum Software (formerly MacPhun) you can now pre-order Aurora HDR 2019 for Mac and Windows. The tool for professional image and photo editing can also be used as a Photoshop plug-in and from the official start of sales [...]