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13. September 2018

Now: Pre-order Aurora HDR 2019 for Mac and Windows

At Skylum Software (formerly MacPhun) you can now pre-order Aurora HDR 2019 for Mac and Windows. The tool for professional image and photo editing can also be used as a Photoshop plug-in and from the official start of sales [...]
15. August 2018

Measurist App - Screen ruler for the Mac display

When it came to the Measurist app, a display ruler for iMac and MacBook screens, I was a bit skeptical at first. How should a millimeter-accurate display come about? And what do you need a ruler made of pixels for? You will […]
15. August 2018

ScreenNote App for Mac - Screen tool for presentations, training courses and workshops

Among other things, the developer Takuto Nakamura has released the macOS app ScreenNote for use at a workshop or presentation. The free software for the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook ensures that your [...]
20th of June 2018 App: View all lectures from WWDC 2018 (and older) on the Mac

"The unofficial WWDC app for macOS" is how presents itself on the website of the same name. The Mac app is intended to display WWDC streams live, to make videos of the event available for later viewing and also [...]
21. August 2017
Haste Mac App, Download, Beta, Set Search Macros,

Haste for Apple Mac: App with macros for web search

Haste is a Mac app for OS X and macOS that offers individual settings for personalized web searches, so to speak macros for researching Google, Wikipedia, Amazon and Co. Especially if you are in the [...]
30th of June 2017
There are a number of unofficial Mac apps that display the timeline and can also be used to distribute likes, but there are none that are also able to post photos.

The official Instagram Mac app - doesn't exist, but a free solution with Safari!

With Sir Apfelot, I also try to provide social media with posts and use the Sendible web service, which costs a monthly fee, but offers a reasonably quick, semi-automated solution to [...]
19th April 2017
GIF Maker App free free free Mac software Create GIFs from Photo Video MOV MP4 Download App Store MacBook

Create animated GIF with Mac software: GIFMaker, GIFfun and GIF Brewery + Download

If you want to create an animated GIF with Mac software, then I have the right thing for you here: the Mac apps GIFMaker, GIFfun and GIF Brewery including download and description. With these Mac programs you can [...]
13. February 2017
WLAN Scanner Mac, Wifi Scanning MacBook, App, App Store, buy, order, download, free program for WLAN analysis

WLAN scanner for the Mac: Wifi Explorer and NetSpot Mac App

You are looking for a WiFi scanner for Mac and MacBook to check the WiFi signal in your house, apartment, office, co-working space, Airbnb apartment or elsewhere or to check the wireless network on [...]
22. December 2016
Add macOS emojis to text E-mail program Keyboard shortcut Select smileys Mac

Insert emojis on your Mac: App and shortcuts for macOS emoji search

For example, if you want to insert an emoji in an email, there are different ways of doing this on the iMac, MacBook and so on with macOS. Here I want to give you an app as well as an already [...]
30th April 2015
Evernote logo

Evernote - the German manual in book form

I have the Evernote app on both my iPhone and MacBook. Unfortunately not really in use yet, because I simply don't have the background knowledge of how to use the notes app properly [...]