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23th April 2015
Trash it icon

Can't empty the trash on the Mac? The Mac app "Trash it!" helps!

For a few weeks now there have been a number of folders in my trash that simply cannot be deleted. An emptying of the recycle bin was always acknowledged with the message that the process could not be completed. It popped after [...]
1. January 2015
Hocus Focus program icon

Hocus Focus: Free Houdini alternative hides inactive Mac programs

Surely everyone knows the problem: After a few hours of working on the Mac with various programs, more and more windows "garbage" the desktop, so that after a while you completely lose track and only with
17. August 2014
Faxer Mac app

Mac App Faxer: a lot of hassle and no support

Some time ago I presented the Mac app Faxer, with which you can send faxes from your Mac if you have a Fritz-Box. Unfortunately, the app soon showed various problems. [...]
24th of June 2014
Faxer Mac app

Send faxes directly from Mac OS X via the Fritz! Box - Faxer makes it (im) possible

If you are wondering why the headline says "impossible", you should definitely read the paragraph "No support from faxers" below! But here to the original article ... Windows PC owners can send faxes directly [...]
10. October 2013
Outbank online banking

Banking software for the Mac - almost a complete list

Of course, you should never give yourself the illusion that you could call a list complete and permanent, but at least I'll try all the software candidates that could be used in the area of ​​[home banking on Mac-> home banking] under OS X. [...]