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7. January 2020

[Solved] Mac loses WiFi connection after waking up from sleep

If you wake your Mac, iMac, Mac mini or MacBook from sleep mode, the WiFi connection may be terminated. Log in to the network every time or switch off the WLAN [...]
19. November 2018
Mac in recovery mode

Start Mac in Recovery Mode (Mac Recovery Mode)

If nothing works on the Apple computer, the last upgrade made macOS badly lame or another, larger error occurs, then it can be worthwhile to start the Mac in recovery mode. The so-called "Recovery Mode" [...]
14. November 2017
Apple Computer Help Support Troubleshooting iMac MacBook

Instructions: what to do if the Mac is crazy

If your Apple Mac is causing problems and spinning around, there can be several reasons. If the finder is too slow or if the colorful beach ball pops up every now and then, this can be due to a [...]