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3. November 2020

Little Snitch 5 - network monitoring optimized for macOS Big Sur

Litte Snitch is a Mac app that is used for network monitoring and offers you z. B. shows which software wants to transfer data over the Internet. Together with Micro Snitch, I already gave you the tool before [...]
4. September 2020

Mac app "Office Reset" fixes problems with Microsoft Office

Solving problems with Microsoft Office on the Apple Mac is not that easy. Does the activation go wrong, are there missing functions in the program windows or do Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Co. keep freezing? Then you can […]
6th of June 2020
PopClip Mac Extension

Mac tool: PopClip - extremely versatile add-on for highlighted text

I installed the PopClip tool on my Mac years ago - and loved it. After some major macOS update and a related cleaning action, it somehow seems to have disappeared. In any case […]
5. May 2017
net top utility internet ports

Mac insider tip: macOS tool nettop for evaluating network traffic

Nettop is not only the term for cheap mini PCs that are made for surfing, word processing and e-mail, but also a tool under Apple macOS with which you can use the network of the Mac or the [...]