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8 May 2022
macOS Feature Universal Control

Mac, iPad and Universal Control from Apple – my tip for week 12

Apple introduced the "Universal Control" feature at a keynote on macOS Monterey. But since it wasn't available immediately after the release of the operating system, I had lost sight of it again. Until the day before yesterday […]
6 May 2022
Mac Terminal Tips & Tricks

Mac tip: Apply the path to the terminal via drag and drop – my pick from KW11

Every now and then, as a Mac user, you have to go into the terminal and type in a command. I often find it difficult because I have to enter paths that sometimes contain spaces and other special characters that [...]
28 April 2022
Mac internal hard drive full

Internal Mac hard drive too small – 12 practical tips and tricks

If you have bought an iMac, Mac Mini or a MacBook Pro or Air where you have saved on the size of the SSD or hard disk, then you will quickly run into problems because the […]
21 March 2022
Apple Mail Error 10673

Apple Mail Error Code 10673 – Error Clicking Links and Attaching on Mac

A reader asked me today about the error code 10673, which he always gets when he tries to open an attachment in Apple Mail on a Mac. I haven't encountered this error yet, but [...]
11 March 2022

Apple Studio Display - Is your Mac / iMac / MacBook compatible?

During the "Peek Performance" keynote on March 8th, Apple introduced the Studio Display, which was advertised directly for use with the new Mac Studio. However, it was additionally mentioned that the screen can also be […]
5 March 2022
Video course transition to Mac

Video beginner's course "Switching to Mac" by Axel Mammitzsch

For people who own a MacBook or an iMac for the first time, the transition can be more complicated than you think. Key combinations do not work as usual, the "own files" are gone and otherwise [...]
26 January 2022
AirDrop transfer mp4 file from Mac to iPhone

Problem: AirDrop mp4 file from Mac to iPhone

When my reader Josef wrote to me today that he was trying in vain to send an mp4 file from the Mac to his iPhone via AirDop, I initially thought there were errors in the settings that were causing the whole thing […]
18 January 2022
Mac Activation Lock

Disable Mac Activation Lock - the beginner's guide

Activation Lock is a feature designed to protect your Mac in the event of loss or theft. It prevents a new user from fully using the Mac because they will still be in your list […]
12 January 2022
Reset M1 Mac

Reset and clear data for M1 Mac (Apple Silicon) for sale

If you own a current Apple Silicon Mac (M1, M1 Max, M1 Pro), it is relatively easy if you want to sell it or give it away. The process to factory reset these Macs [...]
22 December 2021
Repair access rights on the Mac under macOS Big Sur and Monterey

Mac: Repairing access rights under macOS Big Sur and Monterey

Mac: Repairing access rights under macOS Big Sur and Monterey The new operating systems from Apple and the new Apple Silicon Macs have a few special features in store. Among other things, the procedure for repairing [...]