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10. December 2020

Digital board games for Christmas, New Years and all year round

The Sundays in Advent, Christmas and the time “between the years”, all of this invites you to play board games together. If you have the physical get-together this year because of Corona, you don't have to do without it. [...]
11. November 2020
If the Mac hangs in the boot loop ...

Mac hangs in an update loop and keeps rebooting

Most Mac problems can be solved easily, even by macOS newbies, with the right guidance. Things get a little more complex when the Mac doesn't start properly - or when it starts over and over again. [...]
9. November 2020
Tips if the Mac update hangs

Mac update stuck - these tips can help

I had a reader request today about a macOS update on a 2014 Mac Mini. My reader wanted to install the corresponding update, but whenever the progress reached 95 percent, the Mac or [...]
6. November 2020
Mac in recovery mode

Reader question: Will the hard drive be erased in recovery mode on the Mac?

Today my reader Franz wrote me a question that I would never have thought of because the answer is so clear to me. For beginners on the Mac it seems to be less of a matter of course what happens in [...]
3. November 2020
Take a screenshot of an entire website in Google Chrome

Google Chrome: Take a screenshot of the entire website

Some time ago I had instructions on how to take a screenshot of an entire website in Firefox on a Mac. Today I needed the same function, but unfortunately in Google Chrome. Here is the […]
10. October 2020
If the rotary knob on the Logitech Craft no longer works in Photoshop ...

[Solved] Logitech Craft wheel no longer works in Photoshop

Often you only notice how often you use things when they are suddenly no longer there. I feel like this every time the internet goes down. Then you can think of three things to do [...]
2. October 2020
What to do if the main Mail window is missing

[solved] Mac: Apple Mail main window does not appear at program start

Sometimes I am happy when I have the right solution to a Mac problem ready, even though I haven't even heard of the problem before. In the current case, my reader asked me [...]
30. September 2020
High CPU load due to accountsd process

[solved] Process "accountsd" requires over 300% CPU and slows down the Mac

Almost everyone probably knows this: You come to your computer in the morning and want to start working, but the Mac has secretly planned completely different things. In my case, immediately after starting up [...]
27. September 2020
Automatic unlocking with the watch no longer works since watchOS 7

Unlocking Mac with Apple Watch stopped working

Since the release of watchOS 7, the automatic unlocking of the Mac with the Apple Watch no longer seems to work. While some people get an error message, when I woke up my Mac just [...]
22. September 2020
Moving mail on the Mac

Reader Question: Apple Mail on Mac hangs when moving email

Today my reader Wilhelm wrote to me because he is having problems with Apple Mail on his MacBook Pro with macOS Catalina. In detail it looks like this for him: Hello Jens, it keeps coming back [...]