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7. September 2020
Mac error: System Preferences are busy ...

Mac error: System Preferences are busy ...

Today I received an email from my reader Heinz, in which he sent me a screenshot of an error message that I have never seen before. He tried to delete an admin user on his Mac and [...]
6. August 2020
WLAN connection interruptions due to the 2,4 GHz radio network

Readers question: Mac keeps losing WiFi connection

My reader Monika emailed me a while ago because her MacBook Air from 2015 keeps losing the WiFi connection. The usual solutions such as start in recovery mode, start in safe mode and also SMC reset have already been [...]
25th of June 2020
Numbers on Mac: Find and replace in one column

Numbers on Mac: Find and replace only in one column

Today I had the opportunity to become a little smarter myself. The reason for this was a CSV file from my wife, which had listed all euro amounts in a column, but with a point "." were separated and [...]
18. May 2020
Repair Photos Library on Mac

Repair Photos app library on Mac

At first I found the switch from iPhoto to the Photos app on the Mac to be relatively bumpy. Many sorting options and my old structure of the photo albums have been lost, but meanwhile Apple has improved over the years and meanwhile [...]
12. May 2020
USB accessories require too much power and are deactivated

Mac problem: USB accessories with high power consumption will be disabled

A reader wrote to me this morning that his Mac threw the following message every time he plugged in the DVD player: USB accessories disabled. Disconnect high-power accessories to activate USB devices. Regardless of which port the device is connected to [...]
April 29, 2020
Mac asks for access for CUH

Mac message: "CUH" wants to access the removable disk

A reader asked me today what to say when his Mac tells him that a program called "CUH" wants access to his removable disk. The message in the pop-up window reads as follows: "CUH" wants to access [...]
April 17, 2020
Rotate video on iPhone

Question: Can you rotate videos in the Photos app?

Today there is an answer to a question that I asked myself yesterday: Can you shoot a video in the Photos app that you accidentally took in portrait format? The history […]
April 9, 2020

Solution: Apple Mac does not recognize the built-in SSD

If you have given your Apple Mac, MacBook or iMac a new SSD hard drive or replaced the HDD with it, it may not recognize it. This is especially annoying if you are using the new storage medium to use the computer [...]
30. March 2020
Mac App Monitor Control

Mac app MonitorControl allows you to change the brightness and volume of an external monitor

I operate my MacBook Pro closed on an external LG monitor, which works quite well so far - except for the small fact that the buttons for the brightness of the external display have no effect [...]
8. March 2020
Mac error: The operation could not be completed because the object is in use

Mac Error: "The operation could not be completed because the XYZ object is in use."

When I wanted to update my anti-spam plug-in "SpamSieve" for Apple Mail on the Mac today, for the first time in years an error occurred that prevented the current version of the program from being installed. In the […]