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April 29, 2020
Mac asks for access for CUH

Mac message: "CUH" wants to access the removable disk

A reader asked me today what to say when his Mac tells him that a program called "CUH" wants access to his removable disk. The message in the pop-up window reads as follows: "CUH" wants to access [...]
April 17, 2020
Rotate video on iPhone

Question: Can you rotate videos in the Photos app?

Today there is an answer to a question that I asked myself yesterday: Can you shoot a video in the Photos app that you accidentally took in portrait format? The history […]
April 9, 2020

Solution: Apple Mac does not recognize the built-in SSD

If you have given your Apple Mac, MacBook or iMac a new SSD hard drive or replaced the HDD with it, it may not recognize it. This is especially annoying if you are using the new storage medium to use the computer [...]
30. March 2020
Mac App Monitor Control

Mac app MonitorControl allows you to change the brightness and volume of an external monitor

I operate my MacBook Pro closed on an external LG monitor, which works quite well so far - except for the small fact that the buttons for the brightness of the external display have no effect [...]
8. March 2020
Mac error: The operation could not be completed because the object is in use

Mac Error: "The operation could not be completed because the XYZ object is in use."

When I wanted to update my anti-spam plug-in "SpamSieve" for Apple Mail on the Mac today, for the first time in years an error occurred that prevented the current version of the program from being installed. In the […]
7. March 2020
Find Safari bookmarks file on Mac

[Reader's question] Where can I find the file for the Safari bookmarks on the Mac?

Today I got a question from my reader Hartmut, aimed at finding the file in which Safari manages and saves the bookmarks data: Where can I find my iMac from 2017 and OS [...]
27. February 2020
Switch off Spaces on the Mac - this is how it works!

Reader question: Deactivate the Spaces function under macOS

Today my reader Dominic wrote to me because he has a special problem with the "Spaces" function, which annoys him particularly under macOS Catalina. Here is his email: Hello, is it possible to use the "Spaces" function (desks) [...]
2. February 2020
How to put the bsdtar process back in its place on the Mac.

[solved] Mac: Process "bsdtar" requires a lot of CPU power

Yesterday morning I came to my MacBook Pro and was amazed that it - although it only ran in standby all night - was busy airing it. A look at the "Activity Monitor" utility showed [...]
30 December 2019
Paths to the Library folder on the Mac

Mac: three easy ways to get to the library folder

The macOS "Library" folder is usually hidden in the user directory. The background is probably that Apple wants to protect the user from making unwanted changes in it, because if you play around in the wrong corners, [...]