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19. October 2019
What is the gatekeeper on the Mac?

What is the gatekeeper on the Mac and how do I turn it off?

Where in the past you could still install any program as a Mac user, you have to bypass the “gatekeeper” today. This is a monitoring tool from macOS, the purpose of which is not to spy on its user, but to prevent the user from doing so [...]
7. October 2019
macOS Catalina is now available as a free download

Short message: macOS Catalina is available for download

If you click on software update in the system settings of your Mac, you will notice that the new operating system (macOS Catalina with version number 10.15; here the info page from Apple) is now finally in its final version for end users [...]
3. September 2019

Mac Installer: An error occurred while preparing to install.

If you want to reinstall macOS on an Apple Mac, this error message may thwart your plans: An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try the program [...]
17 JULY 2019
MacUpdater icon

MacUpdater: Centrally search for and install updates for programs on the Mac

My reader Dirk recently drew my attention to the "MacUpdater" app because he is very enthusiastic about the software. When I agreed to test the app and write a report about it [...]
2 JULY 2019

Tip: Display file extensions in the Mac Finder

If you search for a specific file in the Finder under macOS, you will mainly see its preview and of course the name. However, the Mac operating system withholds the file extension, i.e. the reference to the file format, by default. On the one hand, […]
30th of June 2019
Unsplash Wallpapers Mac app screenshot

Unsplash Wallpapers: Free wallpapers for the Mac at the touch of a menu bar

Some time ago I introduced the paid app "Wallpaper Wizard", which conjures up pretty wallpapers for your Mac. Today there is the free alternative, which is a bit older, but still works: [...]
25th of June 2019
Keyboard shortcuts for the Mac by Jonas Kraft

Book tip: Keyboard shortcuts for the Mac by Jonas Kraft

Somehow I have the feeling that the use of keyboard shortcuts is more common among Mac users than Windows users. The concept of working efficiently with keyboard shortcuts is not just reserved for the Mac. But no matter [...]
27. May 2019
Icon of the Mac app Prizmo 3

Mac app Prizmo 3: OCR or text recognition for photographed and scanned documents

I have been an enthusiastic user of the "Setapp" app flat rate for years. Why? Because I can always discover new apps there and try them out without them costing me "more", since I have my fixed [...]
13. May 2019

Apple Mac: CD eject not working? That's how it's done!

You have a CD or DVD in the drive / SuperDrive of your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, but it cannot be ejected? Then there are some tricks to make them safe and without [...]
2. May 2019
The lettering on the individual keys is exemplary and detailed. So you can quickly find the necessary special characters and don't have to spend a long time trying.

Test report: Matias Tactile pro - the best Mac keyboard for prolific writers?

After recently a keyboard had to be used for a test (see Satechi Slim Bluetooth Keyboard), a reader report that was made available to me a few weeks ago fits today well. My reader Jochen was with the [...]