MacBook repair

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23 August 2022

Apple Self Service now also for MacBook models

Apple's so-called "self-service" offerings consist of tools and replacement parts that customers can use to repair their devices at home. The program was announced back in November 2021: Self Service Repair – Apple offers parts […]
2 June 2020

Apple MacBook repair - individual service at a fair price

A repair on the Apple MacBook is expensive depending on the defect or damage, at least if you go to Apple directly. Because at the Genius Bar, assemblies are often exchanged instead of just individual elements [...]
11 May 2020

Advisory: Have your Apple MacBook Pro / Air graphics card repaired

Some models of the Apple MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air can have problems with the graphics card - this applies to both series with Nvidia and ATI graphics cards. Whether over time weakening [...]