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26. August 2021

Apple patent: MacBook with virtual keyboard on second screen

Instead of a folding iPhone or iPad with its own keyboard, Apple could adopt a completely new concept in the future: a MacBook with a second screen on which a virtual keyboard can be used. A corresponding patent has [...]
7. May 2021

iMac or MacBook Pro won't start? That may be the reason!

If the MacBook won't start or the iMac won't turn on, it doesn't have to be caused by irreparable damage or a broken display. Here you will find tips and tricks with which you can [...]
1. October 2020
Power bank test: Anker PowerCore III 10K wireless

In the test: Anker PowerCore III 10K Wireless - new 10.000 mAh power bank with Qi and USB-C PD

A few weeks ago I already introduced you to the Anker PowerCore 10K Wireless. This model has Qi charging and a USB-C port as well as two USB-A ports. However, the USB-C port on the "old" model is only [...]
4. August 2020

MacBook battery won't charge - message may be part of battery health management

At the beginning of June, Apple rolled out macOS 10.15.5 on compatible Mac models. The update for the operating system called Catalina brought, for example, the "battery status management" to newer MacBooks with Thunderbolt 3 ports. The function ensures that the [...]
10 JULY 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 28, 2020

Today, July 10th, is Piña Colada Day. But before you indulge in your after-work drink, you will first find the Sir Apfelot newsreel, which is usual for Friday, here. In the overview of those Apple and [...]
23th of June 2020

Is your Mac compatible with macOS 11.0 Big Sur?

The Apple Mac will get a completely overhauled operating system in autumn 2020 with macOS 11.0 Big Sur. Among other things, this is already designed for the upcoming Apple computers with their own "Apple Silicon" SoC, with which the manufacturer [...]
22th of June 2020

Instructions: SMC reset on MacBooks with T2 processor

I have already shown you how the SMC reset works on the Apple Mac in a manual. However, the procedure is different if it is a newer model with a T2 chip. Therefore you find [...]
April 9, 2020

Solution: Apple Mac does not recognize the built-in SSD

If you have given your Apple Mac, MacBook or iMac a new SSD hard drive or replaced the HDD with it, it may not recognize it. This is especially annoying if you are using the new storage medium to use the computer [...]
12. March 2020
Charmast 20.800 mAh power bank in the test

In the test: Charmast 20.800 mAh power bank with USB-C, Lightning and Power Delivery

The last power bank that excited me so much that I gave it a blog article was the Zendure A8, of which I tried the Quick Charge variant at the time. Meanwhile I have the Zendure A8 [...]
4. March 2020
Uninstall Acrobat Reader with AppCleaner

Reader question: Uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader from MacBook

Yesterday I got a question from my reader Eva. She wanted to uninstall software from her MacBook Adobe software and was unsure how to do it without an uninstaller. Here is your mail: [...]