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22 August 2022
Apple events

Apple Events – an overview of the annual events

Manufacturers of digital and electronic products are facing major changes. The development of new technologies is getting faster and faster, the tasks and solutions are becoming more complex and the users are also becoming more demanding. The American technology company Apple […]
21 July 2022
Review of the USB C Hub Inateck HB2026

On test: Inateck HB2026: 10-port USB-C hub, USB 3.2 Gen 2 speed, 50 cm cable

USB hubs with a USB-C connector have long been a topic for people who own a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or an iPad Pro. The manufacturer Inateck sent me one of their latest USB-C hubs for a […]
19 June 2022
MacBook Pro, water damage and rice

Water damage on MacBook Pro or Air? Do not pour any rice into the appliance!

If the Apple MacBook has water damage, rice will not help at all. It is a myth that the rice grains absorb the water and the technique quickly dries up. But no matter whether iPhone, […]
16 June 2022
MacBook Pro/Air serial number

Find MacBook serial number - even with a new case without engraving

When looking for the Apple MacBook serial number, there are four ways to track it down. The easiest is to look at the bottom of the laptop, because there is a lot of information about the device engraved on it - […]
18 April 2022

Keyboard backlight: tips for newer MacBook models (with M1)

I bought an Apple MacBook Pro 16″ with an “M1 Pro” chip over the weekend and when I set it up I noticed a few key differences to the MacBook Pro from 2012. Of course they are, between […]
11 March 2022

Apple Studio Display - Is your Mac / iMac / MacBook compatible?

During the "Peek Performance" keynote on March 8th, Apple introduced the Studio Display, which was advertised directly for use with the new Mac Studio. However, it was additionally mentioned that the screen can also be […]
26 August 2021

Apple patent: MacBook with virtual keyboard on second screen

Instead of a folding iPhone or iPad with its own keyboard, Apple could adopt a completely new concept in the future: a MacBook with a second screen on which a virtual keyboard can be used. A corresponding patent has [...]
7 May 2021

iMac or MacBook Pro won't start? That may be the reason!

If the MacBook won't start or the iMac won't turn on, it doesn't have to be caused by irreparable damage or a broken display. Here you will find tips and tricks with which you can [...]
1 October 2020
Power bank test: Anker PowerCore III 10K wireless

In the test: Anker PowerCore III 10K Wireless - new 10.000 mAh power bank with Qi and USB-C PD

A few weeks ago I already introduced you to the Anker PowerCore 10K Wireless. This model has Qi charging and a USB-C port as well as two USB-A ports. However, the USB-C port on the "old" model is only [...]
4 August 2020

MacBook battery won't charge - message may be part of battery health management

At the beginning of June, Apple rolled out macOS 10.15.5 on compatible Mac models. The update for the operating system called Catalina brought, for example, the "battery status management" to newer MacBooks with Thunderbolt 3 ports. The function ensures that the [...]