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28. October 2018
Photo of the Artwizz Powerplug USB-C power supply pack

In the test: Artwizz PowerPlug USB-C power supply with 24 W power

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the lookout with several iPads, a MacBook, a MacBook Pro and various iPhone models in the household - which of course not only belong to me [...]
30 JULY 2018

Rotate iMac and MacBook screen / rotate display

For external displays and monitors, there is the option of rotating the display under macOS on Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook in order to display it on the rotated monitor. This is useful if you z. B. [...]
20 JULY 2018

Pentalobe screwdriver for common iPhone models

Pentalobe screwdrivers or pentalobe screwdrivers for security screws, which are used by Apple and Huawei, among others, are available in numerous designs. For example, if you want to repair your iPhone or unscrew smartphones like the P9, then [...]
27th April 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 17

The end of the week is here and today is the last Sir Apfelot newsreel in April 2018. In this post I look back with you on the reports that I received this week [...]
5. February 2018

11 Tips to Improve MacBook Pro / Air Battery Life

In the case of a device with or without an optional mains connection, the battery life or battery life describes the usage time after which the battery must be recharged. Unlike the service life of the battery, which is usually in [...]
15. November 2017
It's hard to complain about the look of the protective cover. As with the iPhone, you have to swap a bit of optics for a protective function with every case. Even with the iPhone, however, I have no problems making compromises here if you survive the unavoidable iPhone falls.

In the test: UAG protective cover for the Apple MacBook 12 inch

A few weeks ago Urban Armor Gear - UAG for short - sent me a sleeve for my MacBook. I gladly accepted this for a test, because my MacBook Pro, which I work on every day, [...]
10. November 2017
In the photo of my reader Brigitte: her 12-inch MacBook with HooToo USB-C hub and LiteOn DVD burner - everything works as it should!

Readers' tip: USB-C hub and external DVD player for the MacBook - pretty much best friends!

This post actually originated from a question from my reader Brigitte. She has a 12 inch MacBook and was looking for a suitable USB-C hub and an external DVD player with which she can play films and a learning CD [...]
5. October 2017
Sleep mode does not end, iMac, MacBook Pro open, close

Black screen: Mac won't wake up - these tips will help!

The Apple Mac, the iMac or the MacBook does not wake up from sleep, the screen remains black and you can only see the mouse pointer - this problem occurs more often than you think [...]
27. September 2017

Buy AppleCare Protection Plan: MacBook 12 ", MacBook Air and Pro up to 13,3"

If you want to buy AppleCare for your MacBook, you can do so at various online shops. Where you can find the Apple Care Protection Plan for the MacBook 12 ″, MacBook Air and Pro up to 13,3 ″ (Retina) [...]
7. August 2017

Mophie powerstation USB-C XXL and alternatives for the MacBook Pro

The manufacturer Mophie recently presented a power bank with a USB-C connection for the MacBook Pro 2016. Such an external battery for the Apple MacBook is nothing new in and of itself, but the Mophie powerstation [...]