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27. January 2014
Charge the MacBook Pro with the Bestek voltage converter

Charge the MacBook Pro via the voltage converter via the cigarette lighter

If you want to charge your MacBook Pro on the go - without a socket - then there are basically only two options: Either you take a thick power bank or you use a voltage converter with which you can [...]
15. January 2014
Chug plug additional battery

The Lenmar chug plug: a clever additional battery for Apple MacBooks

Everyone knows that, you are on the move, the battery is weak, there is no power outlet in sight and suddenly the MacBook switches off. The only solution: the hectic search for a socket. At this point […]
23. August 2013
SurfacePad for MacBook Pro

SurfacePad - the palm rest for the MacBook Air and Pro

The guys from Twelve South have a number of accessories for iPad, iPhone and MacBooks in their portfolio that can be recommended almost across the board. One of them is the palm rest called "SurfacePad" (no, that is [...]
5. December 2012
Rain Design mStand

Stand for MacBook Pro: Rain Design mStand

The first time after I got the MacBook Pro Retina as the main workstation, I had the feeling that working on the laptop is not really tragic for the cervical spine. On the side I had [...]