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28 February 2022

macOS 10.14 Mojave - Everything you need to know!

With macOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple introduced extensive innovations to the Apple Mac in 2018 and prepared further innovations. More security was provided for the user, the graphics performance was increased or external […]
2 October 2020
Security update 005 for macOS Mojave solves problems

New update for macOS Mojave fixes problems with Safari and poor performance

Last week, Apple not only released the macOS 10.15.7 update for Catalina, but also released an update for Mojave, which was named Security Update 2020-005 for macOS Mojave. After the update is released, [...]
25 September 2020
macOS Catalina 10.15.7 update

macOS 10.15.7 - what does the last Catalina update bring before Big Sur?

Last night Apple threw an update for your Mac into the ring, which mainly focuses on bug fixes. At the same time, an update for iOS (version 14.0.1) is available, which also [...]
16 February 2020
It took my brain a few minutes until the internal light came on again after switching to dark mode (Photo: Pexels / Pixabay).

macOS Dark Mode: How to Enable It and What Its Benefits

The dark mode (or "dark mode" in English), which was introduced with macOS Mojave, didn't interest me until recently. I activated it a good year ago after installing Mojave [...]
29 December 2019
iMac and MacBook Air lost connection error

[Solved] MacBook Air and iMac no longer connect after macOS Catalina update

A few weeks ago my reader Alfred wrote to me that he has had problems connecting his MacBook Air to macOS Catalina since he updated his MacBook Air to his iMac. So far he has found [...]
18 November 2019

Using 32-bit apps under macOS Catalina: Here's how!

With Apple's Mac operating system macOS 10.15 Catalina, only 64-bit apps can be used. Software with 32-bit architecture can no longer be used by default. However, there are one or two tricks, thanks to which the "old" apps always [...]
21 October 2019
Jürgen Wolf: macOS - The comprehensive guide.

Book review: macOS - The comprehensive guide by Jürgen Wolf

When I held the book "macOS - The Comprehensive Guide" by Jürgen Wolf (Rheinwerk-Verlag) in my hand for the first time, I was impressed by its sheer weight and size. With a good 2,6 kilograms and [...]
16 April 2019
HostBuddy Icon

HostBuddy and HostsMan: Change hosts file on Mac and Windows PC

You are using the hosts file all the time, but most likely you will not even know about it. The reason for this is that you usually don't have to change anything. In my case […]
14 January 2019
The current version of Sound Siphon paralyzes the iMac after the last system update.

Reader's tip: iMac restarts by itself - sound siphon seems to be the cause

Today I got an email from my reader Matthias who, according to his own statements, had been struggling with an extremely "annoying" problem with the iMac for at least two weeks. "Had" because he now has it himself [...]
12 January 2019
The book "macOS Mojave - Over 250 cool insider tips" by Anton Ochsenkühn. Definitely equipped with helpful tips for working more efficiently on the Mac (Photos: Sir Apfelot).

Book tip: "macOS Mojave - Over 250 cool insider tips" by Anton Ochsenkühn

I recently presented the book "macOS Mojave - THE standard work for beginners and migrants" by Anton Ochsenkühn, which I would recommend to all beginners who are taking their first steps at [...]