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23. November 2018
The macOS Mojave debacle - what can go wrong ...

macOS Mojave Debacle - A reader's testimonial

While the update from High Sierra to macOS Mojave was relatively unspectacular for me and caused me few problems, it didn't go quite as well for other readers. In the article with the most common [...]
15. November 2018

[Solved] Reader's question: VoiceOver cannot be switched off after updating to macOS Mojave

Today a little problem that my reader Carsten emailed me - and that he was even able to solve himself after a few days. To be honest, I only poked in the fog, but not really [...]
14. November 2018
Photo: Book macOS Mojave keyboard shortcuts

Book review: macOS Mojave keyboard shortcuts by Johann Szierbeck

I've been working with keyboard shortcuts for ages. Again and again I get astonished and admiring looks from people whom I help on the Mac, because with the shortcuts I can do a lot of things much faster than [...]
2. November 2018
The current flagship from Fujitsu: the ScanSnap iX1500.

Updated ScanSnap software for feeder scanners from Fujitsu is available for macOS Mojave

After Fujitsu delivered quite a debacle with one of the last macOS updates and their scanner software was not compatible with the Sierra macOS operating system for several weeks, most users of models like the ScanSnap [...]
15. October 2018
Book review macOS Mojave manual photo

Book tip: "macOS Mojave - The standard work on Apple's operating system" by Anton Ochsenkühn

I recently had an article on my blog with useful manuals for macOS Mojave. The list of recommendations also includes the book by Anton Ochsenkühn, which he has now given me in duplicate [...]
12. October 2018
Since the update to macOS Mojave, the space bar no longer works to quickly view a photo in the Photos app and to close it again.

macOS Mojave: Space bar in Photos app no ​​longer works!

I just ran into the first "problem" under macOS Mojave that really annoys me: In the past, you could briefly open and close individual photos larger with the space bar in the Photos app, as was the case [...]
4. October 2018
If the Mac App Store only shows updates under macOS Mojave, I have the right solution for the problem here.

The Mac App Store only shows the “Updates” tab under macOS Mojave

I don't visit the Mac App Store that often, which is why I only noticed the error a few days after updating to macOS Mojave. My App Store on the Mac yesterday only showed [...]
4. October 2018
The online backup service Backblaze and macOS Mojave don't get along so well at first.

Backblaze and macOS Mojave - this is how the backup service works again!

Today I received an email from my favorite online backup service Backblaze, which informed me that my online backup is currently no longer running. Mojave's new security measures require user intervention as the [...]
30. September 2018
Fast installation: Mojave is installed on my system disk in 27 minutes.

Courage for the gap: macOS Mojave installed - my experiences

I have to admit, even if I have a relatively large number of programs on my MacBook Pro and need them for work, I always tend to update to new macOS systems very early on. That may be a [...]
27. September 2018
Solutions to macOS Mojave problems.

First macOS Mojave problems and possible solutions

With macOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple recently released the latest operating system for the Apple Mac, Apple iMac and Apple MacBook (Air / Pro). The upgrade from older versions like macOS 10.13 High Sierra to [...]