Contributions to the Apple operating system macOS

The operating system of Macintosh computers used to be called Mac OS, then MAC OS X and now it became macOS. This means that the naming is consistent with the other operating systems of Apple devices: tvOS, watchOS and iOS.

For me, macOS is the main reason you want a Mac. In the meantime, there is also reasonable hardware for Windows that you can work with reliably, but even after many years of development, Windows has still not achieved the intuitive user interface that you find with macOS. In addition, macOS works very reliably - at least for me - and crashes are extremely rare.

15 November 2022

Mac system report: How to find the overview (all macOS versions)

In the Mac system report you will find a lot of information about the hardware, software and network environment of the Apple computer. I have given you one way of using the information collection, e.g. B. in the article "Time since the start: How long is [...]
31 October 2022
Photo macOS Ventura manual amac-buch Verlag

Manual in the test: macOS Ventura - The standard work on Apple's operating system by Anton Ochsenkühn

The premium video book by Anton Ochsenkühn on the new operating system for Macs is also published every year - to match the new macOS from Apple. And also this year I would like to present the new issue to you with […]
28 October 2022

What happens if you don't do a software update?

Modern devices and operating systems based on iOS and macOS are often very intrusive in informing users that one of the installed programs or the operating system itself is no longer up to date. […]
3 August 2022

Text Selection on Pictures: Enable/Disable Live Text on iPhone, iPad and Mac

What is Live Text and how to disable text selection on photos and images? I answer these and other questions on the subject in this guide. Because even if it is sometimes very practical, […]
7 July 2022

Wrong password and unlock code: You have so many attempts on Mac and iPhone!

If you rarely turn off the Mac and therefore use Touch ID more often than the password, then you can easily forget the latter. On the iPhone or iPad, Touch ID and Face ID can also […]
1 May 2022
Minecraft icons

Minecraft Download: Here you can download it

You've probably heard of Minecraft, but you might not know where to start. This first-person sandbox video game is the ideal basis for building your empire. With two main modes - Creative and Survival - […]
21 March 2022
Apple Mail Error 10673

Apple Mail Error Code 10673 – Error Clicking Links and Attaching on Mac

A reader asked me today about the error code 10673, which he always gets when he tries to open an attachment in Apple Mail on a Mac. I haven't encountered this error yet, but [...]
5 March 2022
Video course transition to Mac

Video beginner's course "Switching to Mac" by Axel Mammitzsch

For people who own a MacBook or an iMac for the first time, the transition can be more complicated than you think. Key combinations do not work as usual, the "own files" are gone and otherwise [...]
24 February 2022

Mac Command Line: What is the Terminal?

The terminal app, which can be used by default under macOS on the Apple Mac, emulates a computer terminal that can be used to enter and execute commands. There is only a minimal graphical interface and so […]
17 February 2022
What is Microsoft OneDrive?

What is OneDrive?

Not sure what OneDrive is? Here you will find all the information, tips and tricks for using OneDrive. Windows has an approximate market share of 75%. An incredible number of people use Windows and other […]