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10. September 2021

5 app recommendations in September 2021

Once again, we made our way through the wide range of Mac apps and, as in the previous months, put together five app recommendations for you. In September it is again a colorful mix, but with [...]
11. February 2021

Apple lexicon "Mactracker" up to date

Mactracker 1 is compatible with M7.10.3 Macs as well as with additional Apple devices in the database. The current version, which was released free of charge by developer Ian Page for macOS, iOS and iPadOS, is now not only available with [...]
30. October 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 44, 2020

It goes into the second lockdown, but the Sir Apfelot newsreel is still there. Even during the corona crisis, you will get the Apple and tech news presented to me at this point, which I have received particularly [...] in the past few days.
6. October 2020

Up-to-date again: Mactracker 7.9.6 with new devices and systems

The free Mactracker app for iPhone and Mac offers a comprehensive dictionary of Apple devices and systems. The directory created by developer Ian Page not only lists currently available devices, but also [...]
21. September 2020

What is the latest system running on my Mac?

If you want to reset a Mac, prepare it for sale or simply install a new operating system, then the corresponding compatibility must be observed. In addition to the Mac OS, OS X or macOS with which the Apple computer [...]
1. September 2017
Mac Tracker Download

Mactracker for macOS and iOS: Apple device encyclopedia and individual device overview

With Mactracker you can download an app for Mac, iPhone and iPad that gives you detailed information on individual Apple devices, such as hardware, software and support period. CPU speed, memory, maximum [...]