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29. September 2020
Solve connection problems with the Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse: Lost Connection - These Tips Will Help You ...

I am really a fan of the Magic Mouse and have been using the first model for ages, as I've only bought MacBook Pros for the past few years and you don't have to [...]
28. November 2019
Test of the LMP Easy Mouse 2-in-1

In the test: Wired "LMP Easy Mouse" 2-in-1 mouse with USB-C and USB-A connection

One might wonder why in the world they would want to use a wired USB mouse instead of a Bluetooth mouse. But I actually have a good reason: with a USB mouse, the batteries cannot run out at inconvenient times [...]
22. Juli 2019
One can argue about taste: I personally don't like the look with the color-separated surfaces. But there are sure to be people who find exactly this beautiful.

In the test: Satechi M1 Bluetooth mouse with USB-C charging socket

After I recently tested the Satechi Slim Wireless Keyword, I continue today with a Satechi Bluetooth mouse. There really isn't that much to test in mice, but my hand is [...]
2. August 2018

MagicPrefs and BetterTouchTool - Apps for new gestures and functions of Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad

Are you dissatisfied with the preset gestures and functions of the trackpad from the Apple MacBook or the single devices Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad? Then the MagicPrefs and BetterTouchTool apps can help you. While the first tool [...]
2. August 2018

Reader's question: Can you use Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad at the same time?

Can you use Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad at the same time on the Apple Mac? - I was asked this question by a reader. The simple answer is: Yes, both input devices can be connected to the [...]
8. August 2017
Under System Settings -> Mouse the option "Scroll direction: natural" can be deactivated, which since El Capitan has ensured that the mouse scroll direction is suddenly the wrong way round.

Practical tip: Change the scrolling direction of the mouse or trackpad on the Mac

Today I was asked by a reader (Hello Merrit!), Who has just switched her Mac to El Capitan (so that Adobe CS5 is still running), why the mouse scrolling direction is suddenly wrong after the installation [...]