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13 September 2022
Apple smartphone battery capacity mAh

[Update] Apple iPhone battery capacity (mAh) of all models

Knowing the Apple iPhone battery capacity in mAh is important if you want to buy a power bank or a battery case, for example. In this article you will learn how "big" the power storage of smartphones from Cupertino is at [...]
10 March 2022
Apple tablet battery mAh

[Update] Overview: Battery capacity (mAh & Wh) of the Apple iPad models

How much mAh battery capacity does my iPad have? - You may have asked yourself this question while looking for a power bank, a charger or perhaps a new, better Apple tablet. Following I have you [...]
25 October 2021
Apple watch battery, Watch Series 1, 2, 3 battery capacity, generation

[Update] Apple Watch battery capacity (mAh & Wh) of all models and editions

If you want to know the nominal power and capacity of your Apple Watch battery in mAh and Wh, then you've come to the right place. Even if you want to determine your Apple Watch model to see which [...]
28 September 2021

Apple iPhone 13 battery capacity in mAh and Wh

Apple presented the new iPhone models two weeks ago. The first devices are now in the hands of the users. But repair professionals and other curious people also have an iPhone 13 (mini) or iPhone 13 [...]
21 February 2021
In the test: EBL lithium batteries

In the test: EBL lithium batteries, set of 4, size AA

Through an article I recently wrote about the use of rechargeable batteries in Eve Thermo and tado thermostats, I became aware of lithium rechargeable batteries, which are also available in sizes AA. After I […]
12 March 2020
Charmast 20.800 mAh power bank in the test

In the test: Charmast 20.800 mAh power bank with USB-C, Lightning and Power Delivery

The last power bank that excited me so much that I gave it a blog article was the Zendure A8, of which I tried the Quick Charge variant at the time. Meanwhile I have the Zendure A8 [...]
29 July 2019

Apple iPad Pro 2018 (11 / 12,9 inch) battery capacity

Again and again Apple introduces new iPhone and iPad models. New hardware and software features are clearly highlighted, but the battery capacity is usually only cryptically stated. Often only a comparison to the previous model or [...]
26 July 2019

Apple iPhone XS Max battery capacity (V, Wh, mAh)

New smartphones from Apple will come onto the market in 2019. These will again have their own batteries; with very own values. If you want to be able to compare these, then you need the corresponding [...]
26 July 2019

Apple iPhone XS battery capacity (V, Wh, mAh)

Apple will soon be introducing new iPhone models which, in addition to new features, a new iOS and maybe even USB-C, will have their own battery. To replace the battery of the iPhone from 2019 with the current models [...]
26 July 2019

Apple iPhone XR battery capacity (V, Wh, mAh)

Do you want to be able to dare a battery comparison in September 2019, when the iPhone 11 - or whatever it may be called - is presented? Then you need information about the battery capacity of a current model, such as the Apple [...]