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7. November 2021
iPhone 13 Pro macro mode - My pick of week 44

iPhone 13 Pro macro mode - my pick of the KW44

Actually, I wanted to have delivered a review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max for a long time, but somehow I haven't made it in time. But one can summarize that it has a proven, good design, a [...]
27. May 2021

Macro photography - hidden function in the iPad Pro with the M1 chip

The developers at the Lux studio, which, among other things, produced the Halide app, always take a very close look at the camera hardware and software on mobile Apple devices. Accordingly, yesterday the developer Sebastiaan de With [...]
25. October 2020
In the test: The LilScope macro lenses on the iPhone 12 Pro

In the test: LilScope macro lenses also fit the iPhone 12 Pro

A while ago I put the Snugle lens on the test bench. At that time this lens system was still in the beta stage and the "inventors" Viktoria and Wilfried Pauli then gave the attachment lenses the new product name "LilScope" and [...]
5. October 2019
I like the snugle. Due to the unconventional attachment and the minimal size, you can always have the lens with you and use it with a cover.

The Snugle lens for the smartphone: Macro photography with the iPhone

A few weeks ago I had a few likes on my Instagram profile from a user whose profile contained very nice macro photos. On the profile page I found a link to Snugle - a small [...]
19. May 2019
Surprisingly, the motif came out of the camera roll almost exactly like this. I only made minimal changes to the exposure and the crop. The good weather was certainly decisive for the blue sky to harmonize with the daisy (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

My favorite photos that I took with the iPhone XS - #shotoniphonexs

For years, Apple has been encouraging people to share photos taken with their iPhone on social media using the hashtag #shotoniphone. If you want, you can of course use the special iPhone model with [...]
17. March 2017

In the test: inLine smartphone lenses on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus

Yesterday the weather was gracious again and let the sun shine. I immediately used the time to test a couple of clip-on lenses that the Central Hessian company inLine made available to me. [...]
24. October 2016
Aukey's iPhone Macro Object in detail. You can clearly see the coating of the lens surface, which should help against reflections, flares and ghosting.

In the test: The AUKEY iPhone macro lens to clip on for iPhone 6 and iPhone 7

I am always a little disappointed when I want to take macro shots with the iPhone. Even with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, it was problematic to get close to an object. The autofocus [...]
21. August 2013
Sony macro lens with E-mount

Macro photography with the Sony NEX 7 system camera

Immediately after purchasing the Sony NEX 7 (more here) I became a big fan of this system camera. It is very handy, fast and takes nice photos in 24 MP resolution. Only one thing has [...]