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25 July 2022

What is Riskware?

Riskware is not malicious software per se, but mostly normal software (e.g. application software / app) that fulfills a specific function desired by the user. However, there is a risk that the main [...]
14 July 2022

What is a Trojan?

In addition to the computer virus, you have certainly come across the term “Trojan” to describe malware on Macs and PCs. The word Trojan, which is short for Trojan horse, describes a […]
4 May 2022

What is scareware?

Supposed error messages in the system or web, warnings about non-existent threats, payment requests due to alleged criminal offenses and more can appear on the computer through so-called scareware. The name of this malware is made up of “Scare” for […]
27 April 2022

What is adware?

The term adware is made up of the two English words "advertisement" and "software". The former stands for "advertising", which means that the software described as adware has something to do with advertising measures. It is important to […]
19 April 2022

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is malware that can spread and multiply independently via host programs. This is why the name "virus" was chosen for this type of malware, because the biological counterpart also works in the same way. There are […]
20 July 2020

Warning: The Trojan "Emotet" is being sent again via spam mail

After the trojan "Emotet", which attacks both Windows PCs and Apple Macs, had become quiet, it now seems to be back in circulation. As various sources report, e-mails to which the [...]
23 October 2019

Mac warning: "Helpermcp is damaging your computer ..." - causes and help

A message from a reader drew my attention to the Helpermcp malware, which appears to affect some people who have upgraded their Mac to Catalina. Research in various sources shows: The so-called "browser hijacker", which is available under [...]
29 May 2018

Mac malware mshelper is using the CPU and fan

If the fan of your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook is currently running at maximum performance again and again, although you do not use a lot of power in the macOS system or with individual apps, then you should take a look at the
9 January 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Remove malware in WordPress semi-automatically by hand

Today I have a little do-it-yourself guide for a current occasion. The reason is that tonight some funny hacker filled a blog of mine with malware. Presumably it came from an outdated [...]