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20 June 2021
Google Docs checkboxes

[Instructions] Google Docs: Create checkboxes in the text

Today I had to share a document with which I was supposed to work on a project for a customer. I was initially for Dropbox Paper, but the customer wanted us to use Google Drive or [...]
2 April 2021

iOS trick: hide photos and hide "hidden" folder

For screen sharing from the home office, when you lend the iPhone to someone, when you don't want to show the family all the pictures, and so on - there are several reasons to want to hide photos on the iPhone. [...]
29 March 2021

iOS 14 trick: Hide the home screen (s) for more clarity / privacy

The home screen is the area in the iOS operating system on the Apple iPhone that shows you your apps and on which you can place widgets. The home screen is - if no app is currently active - [...]
1 February 2021

Export WhatsApp chat: function available again in Germany!

WhatsApp has reactivated the "Export Chat" function for users in Germany. That means you can easily summarize and save the entire WhatsApp chat history as a .zip file. It can be used with various tools on the [...]
25 January 2021

Xtra-PC: Education about the "PC miracle" and instructions on how to do it yourself

Do you want to make your Mac or PC faster with the Xtra PC “miracle”? You found the USB stick for € 31,12 on a website and now you think you can use it to buy a new one, repair it or something similar? Well, [...]
22 January 2021

Google Ads Guide to Successful Online Advertising

If you want to advertise your company, blog, shop or something else online, there is hardly any way around Google Ads. But how do you set up the account correctly? How should the advertising campaign be planned [...]
20 January 2021

Stream YouTube Video Using VLC - Here's How!

With the VLC Player, a wide variety of media can be played on the Apple Mac, Windows PC, Linux, iOS and Android. Not only audio and video files are included, but also disc images, FLAC audios and network content. [...]
13 January 2021

Instructions: Switch off Apple iPad, shut it down and restart

In some situations it is useful to be able to turn off the Apple iPad. For example, if you want to save the battery, ship the device, store it for a certain period of time or simply transport it without consuming a lot of batteries, you should [...]
12 January 2021

Instructions: Turn off, shut down and restart the Apple iPhone 12

Switching off the Apple iPhone 12 is quite easy, and sometimes it is necessary for troubleshooting, for sending it in for support or to save battery. How you can switch off the iPhone from 2020, I have you [...]