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15 July 2022
Hot Swap Keyboard

Hot-swap keyboards explained - and the 5 bestsellers for you

A hot-swappable keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that doesn't require soldering if you want to swap out broken keys. Instead, there are mechanical links on the keyboard that allow you to swap any key with another […]
30 October 2018

AUKEY KM-G6: Mechanical gaming keyboard put to the test

Once again I tested a keyboard, more precisely the AUKEY KM-G6. This is a mechanical gaming keyboard that, unlike the KM-G9 keyboard, has a number pad and LED backlighting. You can even [...]
18 May 2018

Waterproof keyboard AUKEY KM-G9 (QWERTZ) in the test

The keyboard I'm typing this review on is the AUKEY KM-G9. The 88-key keyboard has Outemu Blue Keys and multimedia functions. In the test, I did not only have these features, but also other features of the [...]