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9 August 2022

How do I recognize real and fake Apple charging cables?

Apple relies on a certain quality control when using charging and data cables for its devices, even with third-party manufacturers. This is achieved through the MFi certification, thanks to the cable packaging for the Lightning connector on iPhone, iPod, […]
31 October 2019

USB-C to Lightning cable: an overview of all brands and offers

To quickly charge the iPhone and / or to connect it to a Thunderbolt 3 port of an Apple Mac, there are various USB-C to Lightning cables. When buying, in addition to the price, it is of course important to ensure that the respective [...]
18 January 2017

Apple: MFi program for the certification of iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories

The abbreviation MFi from Apple stands for "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod" and refers to accessories that can be used with the mobile devices from Cupertino; like Lightning cables. Is a cable [...]
4 March 2016
iPhone charging cable tested - here the Just Mobile AluCable Duo

7 USB-Lightning charging cables for iPhone and iPad in the test

In the March 2016 issue of MacLife magazine, the editors looked at seven charging cables for the Apple iPhone and iPad. Of course, it's about the USB-to-Lightning cables, as they are used in current models of iOS devices [...]