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6 February 2021

uhuru USB condenser microphone with microphone arm - pick of the week (week 6)

With the podcast set from uhuru many audio tasks can be mastered: calls, video conferences, voice recordings, podcast recordings, voice chat on Discord or TeamSpeak and much more. That's why I'm going to introduce you to the USB microphone with microphone arm and pop filter. With me […]
23 September 2020

Orange and green dots in the iPhone status bar - what is it?

Since the update to iOS 14, an orange or green dot can appear in the upper right corner of the iPhone display. What does this point above the cellular or WiFi symbol mean? And what do the colors orange and green stand for? [...]
24 March 2020

Røde Wireless Go vs. Saramonic Blink 500 - wireless microphones in comparison

If you want to record good video quality as well as the best sound with your DSLR camera or iPhone or do an interview, you need the appropriate microphones. I recently signed up for voice recordings, interviews and podcast situations after just such [...]
10 February 2020
iPhone: no sound when recording a screen

[Solved] Screen recording (video) from iPad or iPhone has no sound

Today there is another article about a problem that I just had to solve for myself. For my article on the game Brawl Stars I had made a few screen videos while I was working with [...]
1 August 2019

Speedlink VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set - Microphone for Podcast, Stream, Let's Play

Record a podcast, equip a Twitch stream with good sound quality and / or clearly comment on a Let's Play on YouTube - this is possible with the VOLITY READY Streaming Starter Set, according to the manufacturer Speedlink. The […]
22 April 2019
Buy the best ASMR microphone on Amazon, cheap, for YouTube video and audio, podcast

ASMR microphone - which one is suitable for beginners?

Have you decided to produce ASMR audio or corresponding video content? Then the microphone is of course the most important part of your equipment. But which is the best ASMR microphone? And what do beginners have to consider who [...]
23 December 2016
Oversight Security App Mac Objective-See Camera Microphone Monitor Access Mac Apple Over Sight

Oversight: Monitor camera and microphone for free (+ other free Mac apps)

Oversight from Objective-See is a program with which you can keep an eye on the microphone and camera access on your Mac. Unlike Micro Snitch, Oversight is completely free. In addition, the developer offers on its website [...]
23 December 2016

Protect Mac and network: Micro Snitch and Little Snitch for monitoring access

Micro Snitch and Little Snitch for the Mac: Even the Apple Mac, the iMac, the MacBook and so on, although they come from Apple, are not completely safe from outside influences. If you monitor [...]
20 December 2015
Exeze Pico Sphere clip-on microphone for iPod Classic

Reader's question: Is there a microphone for a 160 GB iPod Classic?

Reader's question: "Hello Sir Apfelot, some time ago you were there to advise me on the purchase of a MacBook. Thank you for that! Today I have a question about an iPod Classic 160 GB. I [...]
22 August 2013
Rode Podcaster and BD DT 770 Pro

USB microphone - two good microphones for vloggers and podcasters

Microphones with a USB connection are a practical thing if you want to get into audio production without a lot of technical bells and whistles. Usually you plug them into your Mac or PC. The computer then installs the appropriate [...]