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2 November 2021

This is what you should look out for with a computer game monitor

A monitor for computer games can be selected according to various criteria - size, connections, Hertz number, special functions for certain graphics cards and the like. In addition, the screen can be selected based on the preferred games or the preferred genre. [...]
23 March 2020

Good and cheap (second) monitors for the home office

Have you gone to the home office or even had to move there with your work, you need a good monitor for it. If you were able to take the monitor or screen with you from the office, now you might want to [...]
22 October 2019

Luna Display: Now a second Mac can also be used as a display

Up to Apple's “Sidecar” feature, Luna Display was a good third-party solution for using the iPad as a second Mac display. However, since a proprietary function for image transfer is now available under macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13 [...]
19 August 2019

Two or three external monitors on the Mac - does that really make sense?

Anyone who works on the go or has just set up a home office may be familiar with this: the single screen of an iMac, MacBook or iPad is simply not enough for a lot of work. If the work, the research, a [...]
14 June 2019

The best monitors of 2019 in the test by

Those who hoped for the presentation of new monitors or displays for the Apple Mac for the recently held WWDC 2019 Keynote were unfortunately disappointed. Apart from a graphic beast for financially strong pro users, there was nothing new in this regard. [...]