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11 August 2022

5K iMac + Luna Display as an alternative to the Apple Studio Display

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to the Apple Studio Display, you can either compare numerous 5K monitors or buy a used 5K iMac with a 27-inch retina display. The resolution of 5.120 x 2.880 pixels […]
12 July 2022
Luna display discount

Luna Display Adapter from Astropad until July 13.07.2022, 25 with a XNUMX% discount

This will only be a brief review of Astropad's Luna Display as this adapter is currently on sale with a 25% discount. Unfortunately only until July 13.07.2022th, XNUMX inclusive. Therefore, a bit of haste is required. Who already […]
14 October 2021

Luna Display - Version 5.0 can also be used with Windows

Luna Display has fallen a bit behind with the iPadOS and macOS “Sidecar” feature and the announced “Universal Control” from Apple. The USB stick and WLAN solution that connects an iPad or another Mac for a second [...]
22 October 2019

Luna Display: Now a second Mac can also be used as a display

Up to Apple's “Sidecar” feature, Luna Display was a good third-party solution for using the iPad as a second Mac display. However, since a proprietary function for image transfer is now available under macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13 [...]
17 April 2019

Apple Sidecar - iPad as a Mac display without a third-party app

According to several recent reports, Apple is said to be working on a feature for macOS 10.15 on the Mac, iMac and MacBook that will allow an iPad to be used as an external display. Other devices should also be able to work thanks to [...]