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8. March 2021

Instructions: cancel Apple Music / end subscription

Do you want to end a trial subscription, switch to another streaming service or simply cancel the Apple Music subscription to save costs? Then you will find the right instructions here. On the iPhone, iPad and iPod [...]
7. February 2020

Champagne Problems - Anil Macwan makes 80s music with iPads

In addition to many other pop-cultural phenomena, the 80s stood for one thing above all else: synthesizers. The electronic audio devices, which are often combined with simple beats, are currently celebrating one revival after another - also and above all [...]
22. January 2018

JQBX App for Mac and iPhone: Listen to Spotify in a network

JQBX is an app designed for macOS on the Mac as well as for iOS on the iPhone, which is pronounced like a jukebox and is also used like one: for the simultaneous sounding of different people with the same music. [...]