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2 August 2021
What is the MAC address?

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is the unique identification number that every device on a network has. It consists of 48 bits and can be used to differentiate between devices on different networks, such as Bluetooth or WiFi. The […]
1 June 2021

Can you connect to my computer by typing my IP address into the browser?

Computers on a network have an IP address that can be used to identify and contact them. But does this also apply to the computer at home or in the office? Can people access my computer over the Internet [...]
3 November 2020

Little Snitch 5 - network monitoring optimized for macOS Big Sur

Litte Snitch is a Mac app that is used for network monitoring and offers you z. B. shows which software wants to transfer data over the Internet. Together with Micro Snitch, I already gave you the tool before [...]
16 April 2018

Mac error message for network storage (NAS drives): Volume could not be opened

If you use external storage devices on your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, such as a hard drive integrated into the network or a NAS system, you may be familiar with the system error message Volume could not be opened because the original
29 November 2017

ConnectMeNow: direct network access via Mac menu bar

With the free ConnectMeNow software you can create direct access to network drives in the menu bar under OS X and macOS on the Apple Mac. The extensive program can be set up individually and with your own [...]
7 November 2016
apple wlan test wifi app ios free free download

WiFi SpeedTest app: test and improve WiFi for free with iPhone and iPad

Check the home or public WiFi for download speed and upload rates, deal with problems in the same app and have everything clearly displayed: this is possible with the WiFi SpeedTest app from EVGENY BOGOMOLOV. The app for Apple devices [...]
30 May 2016
TripMode display and program list

Mac app TripMode: A must-have for the "Personal Hotspot" feature of the iPhone

With my iPhone contract, I deliberately chose one that included a high data volume before you were throttled to Stone Age speed. However, I only use a small part of the data volume directly with the iPhone, [...]