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27. August 2021

Setapp Stories: business and tech newsletters for busy people (pick of week 34)

You already know Setapp if you stop by here in the blog more often. The app subscription with over 200 full versions for the Apple Mac ensures that all programs and tools for work, hobby and leisure [...]
1 JULY 2020

Is Flodesk the simple, cheap, and good looking Mailchimp?

If you want to maintain good reader loyalty for your blog, shop or other website, you need an e-mail newsletter. For example, I have been sending the Sir Apfelot newsletter via Mailchimp for years. But especially for beginners there are [...]
27th of June 2018

Newsletter software - 4 German, GDPR-compliant providers in comparison

For a month now, newsletter software from providers in Germany has been more in demand than ever. Because on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, EU-GDPR for short, came into force. This sees much stricter requirements for the [...]
25. May 2018

Klick-Tipp - Newsletter software "Made in Germany"

As part of the big topic of data protection and the EU GDPR, which has been in force since the end of May 2018, the search for good newsletter software or a reliable mailing service provider who takes data protection-compliant mailings seriously has become a major topic. [...]
24. May 2018

rapidmail - GDPR-compliant newsletter service from Germany

As a blogger, company, influencer, association or organization, regularly sending newsletters - this is a task that you want to automate when you have a certain number of recipients or groups of recipients and when there is a higher frequency of e-mails. Here […]
4. February 2015
Survey by Sir Apfelot

Survey on sending newsletters from Sir Apfelot - here are the results

In the last newsletter I started a small survey in which I wanted to get some feedback from my readers about sending out newsletters. As a blogger, the communication between author and reader is unfortunately a bit one-sided [...]