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3 October 2019

[Update] One Switch Mac app: Practical functions with just a few clicks

Prevent the Mac from sleeping, switch between light and dark macOS mode and many other settings on the Apple computer can be made via the system settings. But clicking through there again and again is not a permanent [...]
21 August 2019

Permanently activate macOS Night Shift - Here's how!

The “Night Shift” function integrated in the Apple operating system macOS is a great blue light filter. A proprietary alternative to apps for this effect, corresponding settings in Windows on the PC and filter glasses against blue light. But how can one [...]
3 October 2017
Blue light filter eyeglass lenses

Blue light filter: tips, software & glasses for gaming and screen work

Blue light filters are probably already known to all those who spend a lot of time on PC, Mac and / or smartphone and whose eyes are strained by the blue light from the screen or display. For Android smartphones that [...]