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17. September 2021

Nintendo Switch with Bluetooth Audio: Use wireless headphones without an adapter

In the middle of this week Nintendo released a system update for the Nintendo Switch out of nowhere. The firmware 13.0.0 brings a big change: in addition to controllers, audio accessories are now also supported via Bluetooth. Meager […]
16. September 2021

New low prices for Nintendo Switch: Console available from € 284,90

The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch will appear on October 8th, and the previous versions have already been made cheaper. Instead of the otherwise required 329 euros, a Nintendo Switch with colorful Joy-Cons now costs 284,90 euros; one […]
8. September 2021

Sport with the Switch: Family Trainer or Ring Fit Adventure?

With the Nintendo Switch you can simulate different sports on TV or in handheld mode. In addition to game collections and sports titles from the Super Mario series, two offerings stand out: the new "Family Trainer" and which has been for a long time [...]
7 JULY 2021

Nintendo Switch OLED Model - Specifications, Release and Other Details

Nintendo officially unveiled the Nintendo Switch OLED model yesterday. The announcement was prepared multimedia with a video that I have embedded for you in this post. It already confirms some rumors about the 2021 model of Nintendo [...]
25th of June 2021

Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch

Starting today, the new Mario Golf: Super Rush is available for the Nintendo Switch. This part of the "Mario Golf" series, which was founded on the Nintendo 64, offers movement and button control. There are also practical [...]
16th of June 2021

Game studio - program your own games on the Nintendo Switch

With Spielstudio, Nintendo has brought a child-friendly way of creating and programming their own games to the Nintendo Switch. Different environments, objects, characters and game mechanics are available for the creation of new worlds and adventures. The […]
31. May 2021

New Nintendo Switch Pro - New console listed for a short time

While Apple fans have already noted June 7th as the date for innovations from the technology manufacturer in their calendar, Nintendo fans are waiting impatiently. Because this year an improved version of the Nintendo Switch is to appear, which more [...]
24. May 2021
My pick: Switch Controller from Beboncool

Beboncool controller for the Nintendo Switch - my pick for KW21

My daughter's Nintendo Switch is a real little wonder: insanely good graphics, a good display and a handy design. The only drawback that the Switch for adults has are the tiny controllers, with [...]
14. May 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 19, 2021

Half of May is already over, the first days of summer have shown up, and now it's Friday for the time being. That means it's time again for a new edition of the Sir Apfelot newsreel. In the following show [...]
April 30, 2021

New Pokémon Snap - sequel to the N64 classic is out today

Today is New Pokémon Snap, the long-awaited successor to Pokémon Snap, which was released for the Nintendo 1999 in 64. The aim of the game is, among other things, to take photos of Pokémon in the best possible way and to put them in scene. [...]