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8 February 2022

Apple's Spreadsheet: What is Numbers?

Everyone who deals with working on the computer knows the Office programs from Microsoft. Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Co. are just as familiar to most people as Excel. The latter is the spreadsheet that you […]
13 July 2020

Pages, Numbers and Keynote: Start the week with updated iWork apps

At the end of last week, Apple updated three of its iWork apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. There were adjustments not only to the macOS versions for the Mac, but also to the iOS and iPadOS versions for [...]
25 June 2020
Numbers on Mac: Find and replace in one column

Numbers on Mac: Find and replace only in one column

Today I had the opportunity to become a little smarter myself. The reason for this was a CSV file from my wife, which had listed all euro amounts in a column, but with a point "." were separated and [...]
18 July 2019

Generate random number with Excel and Numbers

Generate a random number in Microsoft Excel or output a random value in Apple Numbers; it's not difficult at all. With the right combination of function, formula and syntax, both spreadsheet apps give a random number with [...]
14 June 2014
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Add multiple new rows or columns to Apple Numbers

Question: I like to use Apple's [Numbers-> apple-numbers] as a replacement for [Excel-> excel]. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to add more than one new row or column in a table yet. In Excel [...]
23 August 2013
iWork on iCloud

Pages, Number and Keynote are now in the cloud

You can still find the symbols of Pages, Numbers and Keynote with a thick yellow "BETA" banderole, but at least all [iCloud users-> icloud] can now try out this web software. This free Office Light version from Apple should work with the [...]