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4 October 2018
The online backup service Backblaze and macOS Mojave don't get along so well at first.

Backblaze and macOS Mojave - this is how the backup service works again!

Today I received an email from my favorite online backup service Backblaze, which informed me that my online backup is currently no longer running. Mojave's new security measures require user intervention as the [...]
11 September 2017

Hard drive failure statistics from Backblaze Q2 / 2017

Anyone who visits more often or who has subscribed to the newsletter for a long time knows that the hard drive failure statistics from the backup service Backblaze are regularly scrutinized here. Last year I got a [...]
12 June 2017
How do you get photos back from a Fusion Drive if the Mac that contains the hard drives is broken?

Readers question: data recovery from the Fusion Drive of a defective MacBook

A few days ago I got a question from my reader Tony. He wrote the following: Hello, I have a Macbook 2010, which I equipped with a Fusion Drive according to instructions from Youtube. On vacation [...]
17 January 2013
Backblaze online backup OS X

Backblaze for Mac: cheap and reliable online backup

I've been using the Apple Time Capsule as my backup solution for a Mac for a number of years and have thankfully never needed it. Nevertheless, I always had fears that in the worst case […]