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18 May 2022

Apple introduces new accessibility features for people with disabilities

Even before WWDC22 and its keynote on June 6th, Apple presented new functions for iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS that should benefit users with disabilities. It is a comprehensive catalog of functions, [...]
18 December 2020

iOS accessibility: display iPhone notifications via LED flash

If the Apple iPhone is set to silent, you are in noisy surroundings or if your hearing is impaired, there is a great trick in iOS. In the settings you can specify that [...]
17 December 2020

Noise recognition on the iPhone: operating aid as a replacement for hearing

Anyone whose hearing is impaired or who walks around the world with headphones on may need a little help in recognizing the auditory environment. As of iOS 14, the Apple iPhone offers noise detection as [...]
14 December 2020

iOS 14 trick: use iPhone functions by tapping on the back

With iOS 14, a few interesting functions have come to the iPhone in 2020. Functions such as: B. by tapping on the back of the Apple smartphone. For this [...]
13 December 2020
Too much candy look and transparency in macOS Big Sur? So you can customize it.

macOS Big Sur: Permanently show scroll bar and remove transparencies

There are some people who find macOS Big Sur really bad when it comes to looks. I've got used to the candy colors and I can use the new icons and other changes on the [...]
15 November 2018

[Solved] Reader's question: VoiceOver cannot be switched off after updating to macOS Mojave

Today a little problem that my reader Carsten emailed me - and that he was even able to solve himself after a few days. To be honest, I only poked in the fog, but not really [...]
29 June 2018

HomePod Settings - This is where you will find the options

The Apple HomePod has now also arrived at the Apfelot house, and after setting up the Siri speaker, which was basically simple, I couldn't immediately understand where to find the options for the device on the [...]