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21. August 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 34, 2020

It's Friday again and that means ... right, a new Sir Apfelot newsreel is coming up. This time I'll show you the Apple and tech news that I received in calendar week 34 of 2020 [...]
9. January 2019

VirtualBox - Free virtualization app

VirtualBox is a free software from the developer ORACLE, in which you can run a "virtual" version of Windows or Linux on the Apple Mac without restarting, but directly in a program window under macOS. How […]
6. January 2019
The icon with a JAR file extension indicates a Java application that can be started with a double click.

What are files with a .jar extension?

The file extension .jar identifies Java Script archives that have been packed with ZIP compression. In addition to graphics, videos and audio files, these archives can of course also contain executable Javascript files. These jar files can be [...]