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22 February 2021

[Solved] Catalina installer cannot be deleted from trash on macOS Big Sur

If you have placed a macOS installer in the trash of the Mac operating system and it cannot be deleted, you will find the right solution here. In addition to a few simple solutions, the last path - which leads to [...]
16 February 2021

Instructions: Boot Mac in Internet Recovery Mode

Booting the Mac in Internet Recovery Mode has the advantage that the computer is then supplied with an operating system downloaded from the Apple server. This can be just as useful on an old Mac, iMac and MacBook as it is on a [...]
21 September 2020

What is the latest system running on my Mac?

If you want to reset a Mac, prepare it for sale or simply install a new operating system, then the corresponding compatibility must be observed. In addition to the Mac OS, OS X or macOS with which the Apple computer [...]
29 November 2019

List: Mac OS, OS X and macOS operating systems with name and version number at a glance

The Apple Mac has seen many operating systems; from Macintosh system software to Mac OS and OS X to macOS. To keep an overview of the Mac operating systems with names and version numbers, [...]
13 September 2019
Error message when installing OS X El Capitan.

Fix errors "can't be verified" and "error occurred while preparing the installation" on OS X.

My reader Peter wrote to me a few days ago that he received a strange error message when installing OS X El Capitan and then only could press "OK", which aborts the installation. The exact [...]
11 December 2018
Here you can see how you can click your way through emails, websites visited and programs used on the Mac. And of course the text that you type in the text editor or in Wordpress is also recorded.

Serious Mac keylogger for macOS as a text backup system

The day before yesterday I was looking for a keylogger for my Mac (I am running macOS Mojave). The background to the search was not that I want to spy on someone or that I want to see whether [...]
11 October 2017
Press and Hold for Accents German, Apple keyboard call special characters

Mac tip: press and hold for accented / accented letters

Under macOS you will find functions, thanks to which you can select accents, special characters, currency symbols, emojis and more and insert them into a text. As with mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.), this works partly by pressing [...]
5 October 2017
Sleep mode does not end, iMac, MacBook Pro open, close

Black screen: Mac won't wake up - these tips will help!

The Apple Mac, the iMac or the MacBook does not wake up from sleep, the screen remains black and you can only see the mouse pointer - this problem occurs more often than you think [...]
8 August 2017
Under System Settings -> Mouse the option "Scroll direction: natural" can be deactivated, which since El Capitan has ensured that the mouse scroll direction is suddenly the wrong way round.

Practical tip: Change the scrolling direction of the mouse or trackpad on the Mac

Today I was asked by a reader (Hello Merrit!), Who has just switched her Mac to El Capitan (so that Adobe CS5 is still running), why the mouse scrolling direction is suddenly wrong after the installation [...]
5 July 2017

Autostart on Apple Mac: Call up programs when macOS starts up

If you want to edit the autostart on your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, i.e. add or remove programs that are started when OS X or macOS is started, then you've come to the right place! In […]