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21. May 2019

Crack ZIP file with password - this is how you bypass password protection

As the last part of my series on bypassing the protection options of various file formats, the following topic is up today: Crack a ZIP file with a password. With Passper for ZIP you can protect the password for such archives, but also for a [...]
13. May 2019

Remove PDF Password - How to Crack a Protected PDF File

A PDF file can have different contents: an important document, digitized documents, an e-magazine or e-book and so on. If it contains sensitive or private information, it is good to have it protected by a password [...]
2. May 2019

Word document: Forgot your password? How to bypass protection!

Word documents can be used for writing down recipes, Christmas greetings and wedding invitations. But also sensitive data, internal information of a company or the private password collection can be saved as doc or docx. To do this, the file [...]
April 25, 2019

Forgot your password in Excel file? How to remove the protection!

Do you have an important Excel file whose password you have forgotten and need to read or edit it promptly? Then there are two options: you try to remember the password, or you use software, [...]