Phishing mail

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19. May 2020

Phishing via Amazon fake: "An attempt was made to access your user account"

Once again there is a message from the area of ​​phishing, because I received an email that night that allegedly came from Amazon. The sender name is Security Center and the subject contains "New message!", A [...]
April 20, 2020

"PP Customer Service" - New phishing email on behalf of PayPal

A few days ago, PayPal changed the terms of use and terms and conditions, which is currently used by fraudsters to send phishing emails. A scam email also landed in my mailbox. She reveals how already so [...]
11. March 2020

MasterCard email: card blocked or just phishing?

Lately there have been an increasing number of phishing attempts by fraudsters who try to steal data from a wide variety of target groups via widely distributed e-mails. The last time here in the blog was about phishing emails allegedly from
18. February 2020

What are phishing emails? Recognize the characteristics of fake post!

What are phishing emails? How do I recognize a fake email? And what do I do when something like this ends up in my inbox? Here you will find the answers to these questions. Because recognizing the characteristics of phishing emails is not at all [...]
19. May 2017

Amazon Phishing / Spoofed Email: Report a spoofed message

There is currently a new Amazon phishing email going around with the subject New Authentication Method. How you proceed when you receive such a dubious email that is supposed to come from Amazon, I have that for you [...]