Photo editing

Apps for photo editing on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows PC can be found here. You can do professional photo editing quickly and cheaply with Luminar 4 from Skylum. The Photoshop alternative Affinity Photo from Serif Labs is also inexpensive. But of course you will also find tips, tricks, instructions and tests for Photoshop and Lightroom from Adobe here. Free photo editing with free apps is also possible. Some effects and repairs can be done in the GIMP, for example. In addition to photo editing, you will also find camera apps here in the blog that already use effects while the picture is being taken on the iPhone or iPad. Choose something exciting;)

26 September 2022

Excire Foto 2022 + Luminar Neo – bundle for photo editing workflow

Excire Foto for sorting and tagging photos and Luminar Neo for editing the recordings combine to offer a package for the photo editing workflow on Mac and PC. Among others, the creative studio Pavel Kaplun […]
16 March 2021

Skylum Luminar AI Update 2 - Numerous photo editing improvements

The developers of Skylum today rolled out the Skylum Luminar AI Update 2. This is available free of charge to all users of the previous version and brings several improvements. The workflow is to be optimized, and [...]
4 January 2021

Mac image editing software Pixelmator Pro 2 optimized for M1 chip

The Mac app Pixelmator Pro for photo and image editing under macOS has been optimized for working with the M2020 chip since November 1. This comes in the current 13-inch models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as well as in the [...]
4 September 2020

Luminar AI - photo editing with intelligent filters and effects

At Skylum you can immediately pre-order Luminar AI (LuminarAI in its own spelling). The new editor for photographs offers photo editing based entirely on artificial intelligence (AI). This makes it possible to take impressive photos without lengthy [...]
26 August 2020
White balance in Photoshop - quick and easy

Simple (!!!) white balance in Photoshop for dummies

I was just about to start doing my monthly tax, but I have a short article to finish quickly. Why? Because - after many years of Photoshop experience - I have learned a trick [...]
25 March 2020

Serif and the community: Affinity programs + assignments for freelancers

The current need to avoid social contacts (in physical form) brings problems in many areas of the economy. The corona crisis also and above all affects the culture, art and other creative industries. From the concert to the [...]
6 March 2020

Photopea - Free Photoshop Alternative No Download (Web Tool)

Photo and image editing can be carried out in a wide variety of apps. But Photoshop comes with an annoying subscription, Affinity Photo costs just under 55 euros and CoralDRAW for the Mac is much more expensive. GIMP does exist [...]
11 February 2020

Repair JPG files on Mac and Windows PC

Do you want to repair a JPG because the image file or photo does not open, cannot be displayed correctly or cannot be read out sufficiently? Then there is both for the Apple Mac with macOS and for [...]
18 November 2019

Skylum Software - Luminar 4 Celebrates Official Release!

With Luminar 4, the most modern software for photo editing from Skylum Software appears today. You can now officially download Luminar 4 for macOS on the Apple Mac as well as for the Windows PC. [...]
28 August 2019

AI Structure - Luminar 4 with a smart structure tool

Skylum Luminar 4, which will be available soon, gets a new, smart tool for structure improvement. Because a wide variety of objects and structures can be found in a photo: buildings and urban areas, forests and [...]