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22 August 2022

Photos app under iOS 16: innovations summarized for you

You can use the pre-installed Photos app to view, sort, edit and share photos and images on the Apple iPhone. This gets new functions and settings under iOS 16 on compatible iPhones. In this […]
9 April 2021

iPhone Photos - Activate / deactivate save location as recording location

For photos and videos, the Apple iPhone's camera app can save the current location as the recording location in the file. But what is the point of this information and how can you find the location while using the camera in iOS [...]
7 April 2021

iPhone Photos: Folders, Albums, and How to Edit Them

The Photos app on iOS on the Apple iPhone offers various options for organizing images, photos and videos so that you don't always have to search through the entire media library. But what is the difference between a folder [...]
2 April 2021

iOS trick: hide photos and hide "hidden" folder

For screen sharing from the home office, when you lend the iPhone to someone, when you don't want to show the family all the pictures, and so on - there are several reasons to want to hide photos on the iPhone. [...]
16 February 2021
White balance: Correct blue snow in Photos app

Fix blue snow photos in the Photos app on the Mac

The last few weeks we had a pretty picture-perfect winter here. Of course, a number of photos were taken again, because if you were still walking around in the mud a few days ago, you can look at the white [...]
18 May 2020
Repair Photos Library on Mac

Repair Photos app library on Mac

At first I found the switch from iPhoto to the Photos app on the Mac to be relatively bumpy. Many sorting options and my old structure of the photo albums have been lost, but meanwhile Apple has improved over the years and meanwhile [...]
17 April 2020
Rotate video on iPhone

Question: Can you rotate videos in the Photos app?

Today there is an answer to a question that I asked myself yesterday: Can you shoot a video in the Photos app that you accidentally took in portrait format? The history […]
3 December 2019
Cat slows down photo synchronization

If the cat on the MacBook Pro paralyzes the synchronization of the iCloud Photo Library ...

I have a very ambivalent relationship with the iCloud Photo Library. On the one hand I love them because I snap photos for my blog on the iPhone and edit them in seconds on the Mac, but on the other hand I hate them because [...]
20 November 2019

Mac tip: Drag and drop high resolution photos from the Photos app

A reader recently drew my attention to the fact that his Mac compressed images that were dragged onto his desk from the Photos app. I myself noticed pictures that were outputted too small when I [...]
20 November 2019
Photos app on Mac does not update photos

Photos app on Mac does not update via iCloud Photo Library

For a few days now I've been fighting with my Photos app on the Mac (no, not because of Catalina, but still under macOS Mojave!). Why? Because it stiffly claims that it would "update", but not [...]