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24 June 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 25, 2022

Summer is really here, the thermometer often shows over 30°C in large parts of the country and quiet fans are in demand again. But first things first. Since it is Friday today, there is only [...]
31 March 2021

Photoshop: Solution for delayed pen input on Windows PC

After updating Windows or playing around with pen input or "Windows Ink", it can happen that the stylus is used in Photoshop with a delay. When drawing a line or a shape, [...]
15 December 2020

Adobe Photoshop manual - standard work in the 2020 edition

If you are looking for a comprehensive manual for Adobe Photoshop, Sybille Mühlke should not go unmentioned. The standard work published by Rheinwerk-Verlag introduces not only beginners to the software for photo and graphic processing. It [...]
8 September 2020
Remove non-Latin fonts from Mac

Mac: Removing non-Latin fonts by script or by hand

My problem today: A friend has the usual macOS fonts installed on his MacBook Pro. Including, of course, many Asian, Cyrillic and other fonts that are usually hardly needed. With me […]
26 August 2020
White balance in Photoshop - quick and easy

Simple (!!!) white balance in Photoshop for dummies

I was just about to start doing my monthly tax, but I have a short article to finish quickly. Why? Because - after many years of Photoshop experience - I have learned a trick [...]
5 June 2020
Change brush size in Photoshop with keyboard shortcut

Change Photoshop brush size and hardness with mouse and keyboard shortcut

I'm not sure how long I've been using the right mouse button and the Tools options menu in Photoshop to adjust the size of the brushes, but it must be years. In […]
11 May 2020
Delete Photoshop Preferences

When Photoshop throws you the Spinning Beachball of Death ...

Since the last two or three macOS versions I've seen the beach ball less and less. Nevertheless, there are some cases in which programs hang up in such a way that nothing more can be done and than [...]
9 May 2020
The Bezier Game

The Bézier Game: Learn to draw paths and curves in Illustrator and Photoshop

Even if my excursions into the world of vector graphics are mostly limited to having to change small things on customer graphics in Illustrator, I still had contact with the [...] from time to time.
27 April 2020

Open and convert WebP files on Mac

Yesterday I received a batch of pictures from a customer that I was supposed to exchange on her website. In the first email I thought the files were defective because the images are not displayed in Apple Mail [...]
19 April 2020
Error message Adobe Photoshop file size 2 gigabytes

Photoshop error: The file could not be backed up because it is larger than 2 GB

Yesterday my wife was working on Photoshop files again, which had many layers and high resolution for printing. At some point while backing up, the following error message came up (in English): "The file [...]