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3 November 2020
PHP forced update - error messages on websites preprogrammed

Ionos or 1 & 1 will stop PHP 7.2 support at the end of 2020 - check your website now

I came across it by chance when I switched the PHP version in Ionos hosting (Ionos is part of 1 & 1) for my customer. There it is noted for the PHP 7.2 version that they only have support [...]
2 November 2020
PHP warning Continue targeting switch is equivalent to break.

WordPress Error - Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break"

Today I moved a customer's WordPress blog to a subdomain because she wanted to run the site in a kind of internal area. The main domain should be redirected for this. After I set up the subdomain in Ionos [...]
13 May 2020

Learn PHP - The Best Books, Courses, and Websites

Learn PHP, there are many ways to do this; from YouTube tutorials on programming to PHP textbooks and professional tutorials in web courses. If you want to internalize the programming language sufficiently, you should start with the basics and [...]
6 May 2020
PHP sandbox for trying out scripts

PHP Sandbox: try out small PHP scripts online

Learning the PHP programming language is not that difficult. I taught myself the programming completely myself with example scripts and a PHP book. Today I might get a Udemy course on PHP because that's [...]
25 April 2020
PHP command explode ()

PHP explode (): this is how you use the function to separate strings

The PHP programming language can do a lot of things with strings. A variant of this is covered by the PHP command "explode". As the name suggests, you "explode" a string of characters into several pieces, which are then [...]
5 April 2020
Open source tool phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin: Access via http: localhost / phpmyadmin

You are probably looking for a way to call up the phpMyAdmin management software on your local web server. The appropriate link should be one of these variants: http: // localhost / phpmyadmin http: // localhost: 80 / phpmyadmin http: // localhost: 8080 / phpmyadmin The phpMyAdmin software itself is open source and [...]
15 September 2019
Try out PHP functions with the w3schools test window

Try out PHP code and functions online in test windows

Ok, the heading sounds a bit strange, because PHP code mostly runs online when you don't have your own MAMP server running. Nevertheless, the title hits the nail on the head, because what I am today [...]
9 September 2018
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

PHP script: How many weeks is there in a year?

The question actually sounds easy at first: How can I use a PHP script to calculate how many weeks a year has? One would think that the problem can be solved by counting the number of days in a year [...]
22 April 2018
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

How can I use PHP to shorten a string after 25 words?

I am looking for a way to shorten a text string after a certain number of words. There is a command in PHP that can be used to shorten a string to X characters, [...]
18 August 2014
PHP file in Coda

How can you open PHP files?

Question: I received a file with the extension .php for a free script. Now I wonder how I can open the file. Is there a special program for? Answer: In principle, [...]