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7. November 2021
iPhone 13 Pro macro mode - My pick of week 44

iPhone 13 Pro macro mode - my pick of the KW44

Actually, I wanted to have delivered a review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max for a long time, but somehow I haven't made it in time. But one can summarize that it has a proven, good design, a [...]
30. August 2021
Chessplode - chess, puzzles and explosions

Chessplode for iPad and iPhone - my pick of the week in CW35

Chess is a great game. I'm not very good at it, but every few years I feel a bit of ambition and watch a few YouTube videos in the hope that I will [...]
28. August 2021
Bellz! Skill game

Bellz! - the analog game of skill is my pick of the KW33

Yes, I know I'm too late and Johannes has already presented the pick for KW34 with the Setapp Stories newsletter. The summer vacation, children and a few jobs somehow got me out of step [...]
27. August 2021

Setapp Stories: business and tech newsletters for busy people (pick of week 34)

You already know Setapp if you stop by here in the blog more often. The app subscription with over 200 full versions for the Apple Mac ensures that all programs and tools for work, hobby and leisure [...]
23. August 2021
Activate Dark Mode on Kindle

Activate Dark Mode in Kindle Paperwhite - Pick of KW31

I can just see that I let the pick of the week slide massively and actually even forgot week 31. Shame on my head. In order to deliver something quickly, today I am picking a practical [...]
11. August 2021

Headspace as a meditation and sleep aid - Pick of the week CW32 2021

It is no longer necessary to explain to anyone that stress is a widespread phenomenon in our society. It is all the more important to counteract this omnipresent problem. There are various options for this - reduction or at least [...]
14 JULY 2021

DeepL translator as website and app - pick of the week week 28

We have already introduced you to the DeepL translator here and there. However, it can now be used so extensively and individually that it should appear again as the pick of the week. Because in addition to the website, [...]
31. May 2021

N64 controller with USB plug - Pick of the week in CW 22

In January I already presented you with an N64 controller with a USB connection, which is intended for the Apple Mac and Windows PCs. Furthermore, it should work on the Nintendo Switch. I found that interesting [...]
24. May 2021
My pick: Switch Controller from Beboncool

Beboncool controller for the Nintendo Switch - my pick for KW21

My daughter's Nintendo Switch is a real little wonder: insanely good graphics, a good display and a handy design. The only drawback that the Switch for adults has are the tiny controllers, with [...]
15. May 2021

Magnet app for those switching from PC to Mac - Pick of the week in CW20

If you switch from one operating system to another, you have to get used to some things. This is the same when switching from Android to iOS as it is when switching from Windows to macOS. While new features and [...]