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17 July 2022
Vacuum bags for duvets and clothes

Vacuum bags for duvets and clothing - my pick of week 15

Today there is another pick of the week that has nothing to do with computers - but it's still no worse than the twenty-third power bank, which I also recommend to you [...]
21 April 2022
Recognize fake news with ground news

Ground.news helps to identify fake news - pick of week 09

With the coverage of the Ukraine war - er, sorry, during Russia's "special operation" - a lot of fake news also came to the screen. And the false reports that are spread for tactical reasons […]
16 April 2022
Learn to read music with Notes Teacher on the iPhone

Notes Teacher - learning to read notes on the iPhone & iPad - my pick of week 08

For some time now I've been planning to finally learn the piano. Of course, this also means being able to read music – unfortunately. Although I have also read about piano lessons video courses that advertise […]
3 April 2022
Ecological dishwashing sponges and dishcloths

Eco dishwashing sponge and sponge cloth - my pick of the KW07

Today I have two tips for you that have nothing to do with Apple and don't even have a power cable or battery. But I think there are still two good recommendations that […]
6 February 2022
Jelly beans giant pack

Jelly beans 1-kilo pack with 50 varieties (vegetarian) - my pick of the KW2

I really need to step on the gas a bit with the picks of the week. Because of many other jobs, I am unfortunately always behind here. For calendar week 2/2022 I have therefore chosen a product that […]
25 January 2022

TripMode for MacBooks on the go – my pick for KW01

The TripMode app (manufacturer's website: tripmode.ch) has not necessarily been my constant companion for many years, but I have known it for many years and every few years I have phases in which I like to use it. But […]
7 November 2021
iPhone 13 Pro macro mode - My pick of week 44

iPhone 13 Pro macro mode - my pick of the KW44

Actually, I wanted to have delivered a review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max for a long time, but somehow I haven't made it in time. But one can summarize that it has a proven, good design, a [...]
30 August 2021
Chessplode - chess, puzzles and explosions

Chessplode for iPad and iPhone - my pick of the week in CW35

Chess is a great game. I'm not very good at it, but every few years I feel a bit of ambition and watch a few YouTube videos in the hope that I will [...]
28 August 2021
Bellz! Skill game

Bellz! - the analog game of skill is my pick of the KW33

Yes, I know I'm too late and Johannes has already presented the pick for KW34 with the Setapp Stories newsletter. The summer vacation, children and a few jobs somehow got me out of step [...]
27 August 2021

Setapp Stories: business and tech newsletters for busy people (pick of week 34)

You already know Setapp if you stop by here in the blog more often. The app subscription with over 200 full versions for the Apple Mac ensures that all programs and tools for work, hobby and leisure [...]