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28 JULY 2020

MAMP for the Mac: download, installation and FAQ

If you are looking for a local server environment on the Apple Mac or Windows PC to try out web applications or CMS such as WordPress without a web server, MAMP is the ideal solution. MAMP can handle PHP, MySQL, Apache and Nginx and [...]
16th April 2019
HostBuddy Icon

HostBuddy and HostsMan: Change hosts file on Mac and Windows PC

You are using the hosts file all the time, but most likely you will not even know about it. The reason for this is that you usually don't have to change anything. In my case […]
18. August 2014
PHP file in Coda

How can you open PHP files?

Question: I received a file with the extension .php for a free script. Now I wonder how I can open the file. Is there a special program for? Answer: In principle, [...]