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5 September 2022

Anker "Powerhouse" storage battery and solar panels in a bundle (+ discount campaign)

Here in the Sir Apfelot Blog I have already introduced you to the individual Anker storage devices in the "Powerhouse" series at various points. The mobile giant power banks are not only equipped with USB connections, but also with Schuko sockets and other connections, […]
15 August 2022

Foldable solar modules from Nicesolar for mobile power stations

The manufacturer Nicesolar offers good and very good rated solar panels for mobile use. When camping, when hiking, on the balcony or terrace and elsewhere, the foldable and […]
26 February 2018

AC / DC power bank with Euro plug socket: Omnicharge and NOVOO Powerstation

An AC / DC power bank with a Euro plug connection, i.e. a mobile power supply with alternating current and direct current, is ideal if you not only want to charge devices via USB-A and USB Type C, but also laptop, camera, drone / drone battery [... ]
21 November 2017
egg power station socket strip buy design

EGG Electronics PowerStation: 15 x Euro plugs & 2 x USB in the smallest of spaces

Are you looking for a multiple socket, you want something other than a power strip / socket strip that cannot be properly inserted anywhere in the office, living room or kitchen? Then the EGG Electronics PowerStation could be the right one for [...]
7 August 2017

Mophie powerstation USB-C XXL and alternatives for the MacBook Pro

The manufacturer Mophie recently presented a power bank with a USB-C connection for the MacBook Pro 2016. Such an external battery for the Apple MacBook is nothing new in and of itself, but the Mophie powerstation [...]