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19 September 2022
YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium: Prices, benefits, termination - all in this post

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms on the internet. Many people use YouTube to watch and share videos. YouTube also offers a paid membership called YouTube Premium. This is a monthly […]
27 January 2021

VPN service NordVPN is lowering its prices due to currency conversions

The VPN service NordVPN has pretty good reviews and a high internet speed. It also works without problems with popular streaming portals such as Netflix, Apple TV + or Amazon Prime and even connects the TOR network for a [...]
7 January 2019
Blinkist prices - that's what the service costs

Blinkist: What are the costs?

If you don't know Blinkist yet, you can take a quick look at my experience report on this book-read-in-record-time service. There I explain how the Blinkist works, what the apps for iPhone and iPad can do and with how many new books [...]
6 October 2017
Netflix price increase 2017 DE AT higher tariff pricing models

Netflix is ​​increasing subscription prices for two tariffs

After Netflix made a price increase for streaming subscriptions in the USA, prices are now also increasing in Germany and Austria. In two out of three current tariffs there is an increase in costs, which [...]
13 September 2017
Price comparison Apple iPhone 8 Plus X Samsung Galaxy S8 Note 8

iPhone 8 (Plus) prices - that's how much the new Apple smartphones cost

In addition to the "One More Thing" for 2017, the Apple iPhone X, there were also the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 at this year's September keynote, which took place for the first time in the new Steve Jobs Theater [...]
8 September 2016
iPhone 7 prices - that's how much the Apple smartphone costs in Germany

iPhone 7 / Plus prices - that's how much the new Apple smartphone costs

The new iPhone 7 will be available for pre-order shortly and for this reason the question of the price of smartphones in Germany is currently very common. At the Apple Keynote 2016 [...]
1 November 2013
Buy used iPhone 5

Buy used iPhone 5

The used price of the iPhone 5 fell significantly after the market launch of the 5s and 5c. Just before Christmas you could get such a nice bargain. With the iPhone 5, however, there are a few points which