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April 27, 2020

Open and convert WebP files on Mac

Yesterday I received a batch of pictures from a customer that I was supposed to exchange on her website. In the first email I thought the files were defective because the images are not displayed in Apple Mail [...]
29. February 2020
Mac: Annotation directly in the Quick Look preview

Mac Tip: Annotate screenshots right in Quick Look

The so-called annotation of screenshots - adding text, arrows or red boxes to screenshots - is part of my everyday life. Either when I write a post in which I use the screenshots [...]
5th of June 2019
Quick Look on macOS

How to extend the Quick Look preview and uninstall plugins

I have to say, "Quick Look" is one of those features that makes me really like macOS. And best of all: very many Mac users don't even know it. For this reason I would like to briefly introduce Quick Look, [...]