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29 June 2022

Safety Check from iOS 16: Protection against tracking by people with digital access

At the beginning of June, Apple presented various new operating systems and their functions as part of the WWDC22 keynote. Among them was iOS 16 for the iPhone, whose new lock screen customization can probably be seen as the biggest change. What […]
12 February 2022
pCloud logo

75% discount: 2 TB "Lifetime" cloud storage for 245 euros at pCloud (sponsor)

As a rule, cloud storage is only available as a subscription for a monthly or annual payment. The cloud service pCloud also offers other options here, because the 500 GB and 2 TB memory can also be […]
26 January 2022
What is a browser?

What is a browser?

Not all of my readers are computer experts, which is why I would like to intersperse posts with computer basics for beginners here and there. Today it's about the term "Brower", which I would like to explain here for computer laypeople. A browser […]
27 April 2021

iOS 14.5 - How to find the app tracking setting

With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced a feature for more data protection and privacy on the iPhone. App providers such as Facebook, Google and others now have to actively ask whether they can track you beyond the app. [...]
2 April 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 13, 2021

The first quarter of 2021 is over and we already have April 1st behind us - lucky ... Time that there was another good old Sir Apfelot newsreel. This time I show [...]
19 March 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 11, 2021

This Friday there are again interesting news, reports and rumors that I present to you in the Sir Apfelot newsreel. This time you will get the Apple and Tech news presented to me in calendar week 11 of the [...]
28 October 2020
Set up EZOIC in Borlabs Cookie

Instructions: Set up EZOIC in Borlabs Cookie

I am currently taking the first steps on my blog with the EZOIC service, which can be used to monetize your website. Before you can really start, you have to get the right data in [...]
23 September 2020

Orange and green dots in the iPhone status bar - what is it?

Since the update to iOS 14, an orange or green dot can appear in the upper right corner of the iPhone display. What does this point above the cellular or WiFi symbol mean? And what do the colors orange and green stand for? [...]
3 September 2020
How to embed a video from your own hosting in Wordpress

Instructions: Embed self-hosted .mp4 video in WordPress

Many of you using WordPress will simply embed videos in your posts using the URL from YouTube. WordPress then recognizes that it is a film that is on YouTube and automatically builds [...]
28 January 2020
Embed YouTube videos in Wordpress without cookies

Integrate YouTube into WordPress without cookies in accordance with GDPR

Although I produce very little for YouTube myself, I find other people's videos very helpful. Even with Mac or iPhone problems, a video is sometimes more descriptive than writing a lot of words. This shows […]